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10 Fun Rhyming Games to Play With Kids

Posted on by Erin | in Nannies

Vocabulary building and sound recognition can be developed naturally and with a healthy dose of fun via the use of rhyming games. Kids can learn to identify words that sound alike, their meanings and spellings by turning the learning experience into a playtime activity. Here are ten fun rhyming games that parents and nannies can play with children.

  1. Draw the Rhyme – Draw pictures of items that rhyme. Parents and nannies can participate and invite their kids to identify the objects in a picture, and say their names together to form a rhyme, or compose a poem that uses the words.
  2. I Spy a Rhyme – Similar to the traditional I Spy game, participants declare, “I spy something that rhymes with …”. Everyone must look to find an object that rhymes with that word, and the first person to guess correctly earns a point.
  3. Alphabet Rhyme – Each player is given a letter of the alphabet and must choose a word starting with that letter. Then an opposing player must guess a rhyming word within a specified time. The next player must thing of another word beginning with the same letter as the rhyming word, and so on.
  4. Rhymes-go-Round – The first player picks a word, and each person after them must say a word that rhymes with it until someone is stumped. The person who is stumped gets one point. In this rhyming game, the player with the lowest score wins the game.
  5. Rhyme Ends In … – Give kids an ending sound and invite them to add letters at the front to form words that rhyme. “These words rhyme, ending in “-at”, for instance, and children can form words like bat, cat, and mat.
  6. Find the Rhyme at Story Time – Read children a story, and let them shout out the words they hear from the story that rhyme. This helps tune a child’s ears to the phonology of words.
  7. Flash Card Rhymes – Using flash cards with images of various objects, encourage kids to pick out pairs of flash cards that have rhyming words depicted in them.  Reading and phonetic identification are developed as kids make the connections.
  8. Rhyming Basket – Children are given a basket filled with assorted objects and invited to take out the one that rhymes with a word they are given. The first child to empty the basket is the winner.
  9. Color Rhymes – In this game, kids are to draw a picture of something that rhymes with the color crayon they are given. For instance, a blue shoe, a red bed, a green bean, yellow Jello would be winning combinations.
  10. Treasure Hunt Rhyme – Place objects around the room and have the children pick up the object that rhymes with the word you give them. A prize is located inside or under one of the objects, which they need to locate by correctly following your rhyming clues.

When learning is combined with fun, kids can learn much more, faster. When you play rhyming games, you’ll have a perfect example of that truth.

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