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Why Nannies Need to Have an Attitude of Service

Posted on by Erin | in Nannies

For those who enter the private service industry, whether as nannies or household managers, having an attitude of service is integral to long-term career success. Those with an attitude of service believe

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they should give to give, not give to take. Successful private service professionals understand that giving is really better than taking in the workplace. Their motive for doing their job well is the feeling that comes from anticipating and meeting the needs of their employers. Successful nannies and household managers take pride in their work and do their job with excellence. While their paychecks are important, the feel good feelings about themselves and their work that stem from doing their job to the best of their ability are far more valued. For these professionals, making a difference means more than building a bank account. For those who grasp the concept of serving to be served, they tend to be far more respected and valued by their employers than those who don’t. Those who serve others end up being those who are served. When you actively and passionately serve others, the natural response from those you serve is to want to serve you back. This payback comes in the form of added respect and tangible expressions of appreciation. This appreciation often translates into additional compensation in the forms of raises, bonuses and benefits. Employers who employ those with an attitude of service tend to be more accommodating to their employees, granting time off when requested and providing flexibility when needed. They also tend to provide the best references, helping their past employees secure any job they pursue. When nannies have an attitude of service, it tends to create a cycle in the employment relationship that prevents job creep and prevents the employer from taking advantage of the employee. For an employer, it becomes quite difficult to take advantage of a nanny who always goes above and beyond and who always strives to do whatever needs to be done. While a nanny who has a true attitude of service may occasionally come across an employer who is never satisfied and is always looking to get more out of their nanny, the majority of employers appreciate and value the contributions that their nanny makes and tangibly show it. One of the major differences between an employee who has an attitude of service and one who doesn’t is that those who do are willing and eager to do whatever they can to improve the quality of life of those they serve. While having a written work agreement that outlines their duties and responsibilities is important to successful private service professionals, to them these lists of duties and responsibilities outline the bare minimum of what their job will entail. If you’re considering taking your career to the next level, consider putting on an attitude of service. If you do, be ready to soar to new heights!

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