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8 Items to Include in Your Nanny Portfolio

Posted on by Erin | in Nannies

By Erin McNeill Nannies know that with the state of the current economy, finding a new job can be a long and frustrating process. Many nannies have created a portfolio in an effort to help themselves stand out during the interview process and to highlight their achievements to prospective families. Here are a few tips to get you started on your own portfolio.

  1. Letter of introduction – Often times this will be your first introduction to the family you are going to interview with. You should include a statement on why you choose to nanny, a bit about your background, something about your family that you grew up with and anything else you’d like your future employers to know about you.
  2. Resume – Your portfolio should always include your resume; you should list essentials, such as educational background, certifications,
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    and previous positions you have held. It’s best to keep it streamlined and as simple as possible so that it is easy for your future employer to read.

  3. Letters of reference – You should get a written letter of reference from each family that you work for. It is suggested that you get letters from your family while you are working for them, just in case things don’t end on such a positive note, but most families are happy to provide them after you have ended your position with them.
  4. Phone references – It’s also nice for families to be able to contact some of your previous employers by phone to have a conversation with them. You should always let your references know that someone may be calling and only give out phone references if you are truly interested in the position.
  5. Photos – It is a nice, personal touch to add a few photographs of you and the kids you work with doing activities that you love to do. Please ask permission from their parents before including any photos of children that are not yours!
  6. Age appropriate activities – A short list of age appropriate activities for different age groups can be a great addition to your portfolio. It shows parents that you are aware that each age and stage involves different types of activities.
  7. Local activities – Compiling a short list of activities to do in the local area shows parents that you have researched the area and know of some great, local, educational spots to bring the children to.
  8. Certificates and certifications – You should always include copies of certificates from classes and conferences that you’ve attended as well as copies of any certifications that you have (CPR, lifeguarding, teaching).

When putting together your portfolio make sure that everything looks neat and tidy and fits into a binder well. Be sure to make and bring along copies of any pages you want to leave behind for parents to reference later after your interview. Families will often have several candidates to review during the hiring process, and if your information is easy to reference and stands out you are more likely to secure a second interview and hopefully land the job.

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